Vegetable Korma – Chicken Curry Recipe


Vegetable Korma – Chicken Curry Recipe

Preparation time 15 minutes

Cooking Time 15 Minutes


1 1/2 Cup Panel (Cottage Cheese)

2 Cup Mixed Vegetable Vegetables (Carrots, French Beans, Potato, Cabbage)

1/4 cup green peas

3 medium size tomato
3/4 cup cut onions

1 spin grape – garlic paste

1/2 tissue light (powder) powder

2 Money Commander (Dania) Powder

1 1/2 tice black powder

1 paste gram

1 cup milk

3 spoon fresh cream

2 spoon oil

1 spoon butter

Taste salt

Oil for deep loaded

How to make vegetable quality.

For this, we need thin kitty vegetable vegetables such as carrot, green peas and French beans.

Then there is a panacea or cottage cheese filled with.

For the gravy

For Korma Curry paste, we need onions, flavors, light powder, black powder, salt, fresh cream, butter, finger garlic paste and tomato.

Tomato should be boiled, thin and kitty in small pieces.

Now vegetables for vegetable we should use for vegetable should also be bitten.

And the cottage cheese should be cut in medium medium cubes and the floor until it changes a bit of color.

For Gravy preparation

For preparation of gravy, apply some butter on a pan. Since we are preparing Chicken Curry Recipe, it’s okay to have enough quantity of butter.

Once the butter is melted, we will add some flavors seeds.

Take onion paste after the jeans seed. And then fingered garlic paste. After well shining finger garlic paste, we will take onions.

Now this mixture has changed golden brown, we will be onion.

Wait for a while

Water should not be part of the rest.

After we safely save the onions, we will add tomato.

Tomato boiled, open and small pieces are cut in.

When adding tomato, stir well.

There is a reason behind making any recipe. If we cook Tomato Paki then it has its own taste and smell. Similarly, if we cook puri before using it, it will have a different smell and taste.

The oil is now separated, it is time to add spices. So we want to taste the cozy and deep seed seed powder, light and black powder.

Now stir well. Close the gas on a low flame.

Now we will add some milk.

The milk will completely change the dish. This is a white color of cream.

Next we will add fermented vegetable and fried cottage cheese.

Now we increase the taste in the Garnishing. You need to take care that there is some salt in the Butter.

Add some fresh cream to the curry, and use something to use later.

Add  Chopped Coriander Green in Curry. we can use cream, for some Garnishing.

Now karma is ready, we will serve with rice and poppadom.

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